Dragon Marked Houses (13)
House name                Mark name                    Known for their guild or type of work
House Cannith              Mark of Making              Tinkers Guild and Fabricators guild
House Deneith              Mark of Sentinel            Defenders guild and blademarks
House Ghallanda          Mark of Hospitality        Hostelers guild
House Jorasco               Mark of Healing              Healers guild (hospitals clinics)
House Kundarak           Mark of Warding            Bankers guild and warding guild
House Lyrandar            Mark of Storm                Raincallers guild windwright guild
House Medani               Mark of Detection          Warning guilds
House Orien                  Mark of Passage             Transportation guild couriers guild
House Phiarlan             Mark of Shadow              Artisans and Entertainers guild
House Sivis                    Mark of Scribing              Notaries, speakers guild
House Tharashk            Mark of Finding               Finders guild (bounty hunters)
House Thuranni            Mark of Shadow              Same as Phiarlan but elves Only
House Vadalis                Mark of Handling            Animal Control and handling guilds
************                Mark of Death                 Vanished never establishing a house

Church of the Sovereign Host
The Sacred Host embodies many gods.  There are 9 main good gods that surround the worship of the Sacred Host.  The Host is considered its own pantheon, and basically Neutral Good. 

The Dark Six 
The Sovereign host cast out the dark six, so most consider them outside the bounds of worship for anyone who worships the Sovereign host gods. These gods are all evil, and for the most part are hidden from human culture, but only skin deep.

Church of the Silver Flame 
The Church of the Silver Flame is relatively young.  It is led by Priests and Paladins that serve a Greater Cause for Good.  The Silver Flame is located in the city of FlameKeep in the Nation of Thrane.  The church took over the running of Thrane during the last war.  There are churches in Sharn dedicated to the worship og the Silver Flame.

Kech Volaar / wordbearers
One of the larges goblin clans in Darguun. You know they are seeking the Ashen crown, and with that, the right to rule Darguun.

The King's Citadel in Sharn
The City Council and the Lord Mayor represent the interests of Sharn; they are not direct servants of the king. The King’s Citadel looks after the interests of the crown, and can assert jurisdiction over any criminal matter or issue concerning espionage or national security. You are cooperating with the crown of Breland, through Captain Kalaes from this citadel, in the attempt to lead the Kech Volaar clan to power in Darguun.

The Emerald Claw
Originally a group of elite shock-trooper style knights under the crown of Karrnath, the Order of the Emerald Claw has since been outlawed in Karrnath and has gone underground. They continue to operate in a semi-terrorist fashion to this day, proclaiming their desire to see Karrnath once again rise to power.

Elves who practice dark necromancy in reckless pursuit of immortality. You know Demise
and her servant Jaenus is part of this sect.

Gang of Turakbar
Violent gang of four minotaurs lead by the ruthless leader Turakbar. They cause havoc along the Breland-Droam border by plunder and killing innocent from the closeby villages. They are known for enslaving prisoners of all races. They are located at a keep called Turakbars Fist in the open plains between Ardev and Greywall.


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